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Cold hardy Afganski pomegranate rooted cuttings for sale

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Got mine. Packaged well and nice little plants! Thanks! D

I'll take one if you have one left. Hit me up if so.

Received my plant today. All was good. Don't hesitate to buy!

May I ask your technique for rooting the cuttings?

I take a bunch of semi-hard wood cuttings, score the bottom 1/2 inch or so and put them in moist cococoir. I leave some leaves at the top. The container gets put under a glass fish tank or plastic dome (big water bottle or 2 liter cut in half) and everything is away from direct sunlight. I actually put everything on a tabletop under a grey polyglazed gazebo so they dont get cooked by the sun. When there are sufficient roots, it takes a month for the first roots to show up, I pot them into individual pots.

 This could be scaled up. There are citrus cuttings in here now


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