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Cold hardy Afganski pomegranate rooted cuttings for sale

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Seeds are hard. I'm waiting for mine to ripen. I'd say these are medium sized, might not get bigger in my climate. Internet says they are sweet-tart, I will have to confirm that. The main appeal for me is that the plant is cold hardy in NJ

I bought this variety at Home Depot, Bonnie plants propagated it which I found interesting. Mine is still in the pot and I am curious how it compares to Ariana or parfianka?

Maybe someone can chime in, as this is the only cold hardy variety I've experimented with (along with Wonderful which is not a zone 7 pom). The Wonderful dies to the ground every winter.

If I find some room I want to try Belbek, which is early, hard seeded, and VERY cold hardy below 0f. Would increase fruit set through pollination of both. Seeds don't bother me, I chew them or swallow them whole, good fiber 

I probably can't ship USPS ground to CA or too far west. Not sure if the plants will make it. I sent one plant last Monday and it's supposed to arrive today Saturday. I'll keep you updated what the purchaser tells me. But if you buy more than 1 I'll split the shipping with you and send it priority. 

~2 left


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