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Avocado seed growing

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--- Quote from: Ado on December 04, 2023, 08:51:16 PM ---Wow those are some serious roots. I've thought about those deep pots but everyone says avocado  roots like to spread. Do you see any issues after up potting? Or since you have tons of roots they spread out quickly after transplanting?

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Haven't noticed any problems as long as I don't leave them in the deepots more than a year or so, and closer to 9 months is better. I usually move them from either the TP414 or the D60H directly to 7 to 12 gal pots, or into the ground, that next size is then the final pot for almost all the trees, and they go into the ground after one or two years in that pot. Occasionally one moves up to 15 gal or so, but those are too heavy to have more than a few.


--- Quote from: fishie on December 05, 2023, 12:32:14 AM ---
Did you go from the D40 to D60? I picked up some D40s and do like the space savings from these pots. I believe I heard about it from you. Do you up pot from the TP414? Or into the ground at that point?

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As soon as the seeds start to germinate, I put them in either the D60H or the TP414, those are the two starting sizes I use. Next step is either 7+ gal or the ground.

Great info, thanks!


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