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NS1 grows really well in Naples where Mai 1 has much less vigor here unless helped along with NS1 approach grafted root stocks. One observation I have made is SL weevils only feed on grafted Mai1 and many seedlings (but not all) Mai1 jacks never on NS1 grafted or seedlings .Also, Nematodes seem to be much bigger problems in our sandy soil on our west coast vs east. Latex? Strangler fig trees a heavily latex producing related tree to jacks grow very fast, deep green and monstrous size in relative speed here. Latex? Is latex in jacks a natural nematicide?
These differences are readily observable on the formentioned cvs. I have other jacks where it is not as obvious being still too young. Maybe latex is the natural deffence that the Mai1 lacks? I have noted these differences in both numerous seedling and grafted trees of both NS1 and Mai1.
Has anyone noticed this vigor comparison on the west coast?
On the east coast in not sandy soil where nematodes are not as bad, have you had different experience with NS1 and Mai1?
Also as mentioned multiple rootstocks and heavy mulching are very affective tools to mitigate nematode problems that can make this much less problematic. So really input from growers who donít mulch heavy or any other nematode defense is the main discussion.

Greater Good:
Nematodes don't like organic matter in the soil, Jackfruit love organic matter and heavy mulching. 

A native plant (tree) laden with latex is not a good model to compare a Jackfruit with in my opinion.

Fruit Jungle:
I'm on east coast, we have sandy soils here. I planted Mai1,J31,Orange Crush, Cenna,Nangcem orange and yellow 12-18 months ago. They were doing poorly when I first planted, but my soil was basically beach sand. Since then I've put down manure and let the support species grow next to them, and across the board they all started growing faster, with the exception of the Nangcem, which is still slow. Most nematode problems are probably cultural practices (to much synthetic N) and not having enough diversity in your soil. One example:

I don't think you need to approach graft for nematodes, but I approach graft as much as I can for hurricane protection.

GG and FJ, my tree are all generously mulched and that does help over time. Until earthworms tell me the soil is healthy by there presence, it does take time for that. In that transition period my observation is that NS1 always outgrow Mai1. Just looking for ideas to try to help along slower starting cultivars of jak and outside of using harsh chemicals given that nematodes are the likely reason for slow starts. I do agree with you both about thr mulching. An older mai 1 grafted with additional rootstock is growing very quickly in comparison.
Also wondering if lower latex jacks generally are more difficult to get going.

FJ, that nematode paper had lots of insight into the dynamics and diversity of nematodes. I also agree with you that syn N can upset that balance.
I wish my neighbor still had horses, that stuff is the best. Great soil builder and loaded with nutrients. Thanks for the link, you were most thoughtful.


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