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Laurel Wilt Avocado (Stump or Remove)

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After 8+ years of surviving Laurel Wilt and producing fruit relatively undisturbed my lone Monroe tree has finally succumb to the effects of this disease.

About 3 years ago the tree sustained a rather significant die off of many stems which were quickly trimmed off.

This trimming seemed to stimulate new growth and the tree came back relatively strong in vegetative growth.

Fruit production was looking pretty good for this past season but all of a sudden after fruit set the tree again had some wilting and all but a scant few fruit aborted.

Those fruit that held matured and the matured fruit were very tasty...ot many but delicious.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the tree was now showing marked die off in most branches and all but two branches off of the main trunk and a sucker coming out of tree base were toast.

I decided to stump the tree and just wait and see what happens.

I feel if my decision to keep this tree is putting other trees in the neighborhood in jeopardy.

To tell the truth I am not super attached to the tree but removing it seems like a giant pain in the ass.

My yard is solidly packed limestone fill about 2-3" below the top soil....there are pockets of dirt but taking it out and breaking it up to remove the infected roots sound about as fun as a root canal without anesthesia.

I hear many folks are opting to stump vs remove to see if the tree has enough vigor and healthy tissue to establish new moisture and nutrient flow to new limbs that can replace what was lost.

The tree has managed to do just that several times....again....not sure this is a responsible thing to continue to do.

Anyone's thought on this are welcome.   

I am attaching a few images...

Stump remover is supposed to work.

Stumping the trees is not a good choice, especially if there are avocados in the area. Is like letting a Troyan Horse into your grove. The roots continue to spread the fungus while the tree is re-growing new vegetation on the new xylem growing (giving you the illusion that all is well) only to eventually die again by then it has spread to adjacent trees.  My grove still operational because I remove any contaminated tree right away. Roots and all.

By the way, I would not replant avocado in the area for 24 months to be safe.


--- Quote from: CTMIAMI on December 02, 2022, 10:23:14 AM ---My grove still operational because I remove any contaminated tree right away. Roots and all.

--- End quote ---

First let me thank you Carlos and pineislander for your replies and advise.

I expected the consensus would be to remove and so I will because it really is the right thing to do to try and control the spread of this to any degree that we can.

Thanks again


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