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Have you tried using tropical fruit as a substitute in a favorite holiday recipee? Or have you come up with a new dish that you would like to try? Maybe you tried something and it was a failure. Share your ideas here! If you have a recipee to share let us know that you'll be posting something in the recipe section.

Here are some of mine to get us started:

I like freezing sliced green mango that dropped earlier in the year to use in apple recipes this time of year. Works like a charm--we had some tonight actually.

As for failures, I can verify that Suriname cherries do not make a great cherry pie. We tried this once when I was a kid. That was the only pie I ever remember getting thrown away.

Surinam cherry pie...Very interesting
I think olosapo pie would work or maybe canistel, mamey, or ross sapote for pies. Someone with the fruits should try! I think it would taste epic! Maybe I'll get some fruits and mess around with them after finals.

Persimmons can be used like pumpkin in most recipes-

Made some jam last night that turned out okay

Did the surinam cherry pie turn into soup?


--- Quote from: daisyguy on December 07, 2022, 12:38:50 AM ---Did the surinam cherry pie turn into soup?

--- End quote ---

No, we used a regular cherry pie recipe and it had the texture of cherry pie. However, as I recall cooking seemed to concentrate the yuck flavor that many people do not like. Maybe the results would have been different if we had used an improved variety instead of the wild type we had available?


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