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Arctic Frost Satsuma


Mark in Texas:
Planted this guy in spring as a very scrawny little tree and it now has new growth 24" long. Hopefully this is the last push for the year as we get frosts next month.   Seems to be well established, very healthy, hope to have a good fruit set next year.

Has been fed with a 12 month slow release Polyon 18-4-9 with micros, a bit of Keyplex 350DP for increased uptake of micros, not much water and that (well) water is hard as hell - 830 TDS, mainly bicarbs of Mg and Ca.  Drought continues so it's received little rain.  Pretty tough tree.

Vendor said it's on sour orange rootstock.  Looks like it's on its own roots to me.

My soil is a heavy red clay loam, 8.2 pH, high in lime.

We had a terrible grasshopper crop this year and they seemed to leave this one alone while constantly stripping an Owari sat.


I think the grower is growing these from rooted cuttings.

Mark in Texas:
That's what I'm thinking.  As long as they do fine on their own roots I'm OK with it.  I asked for sour orange because it's very vigorous in my type of soil plus the scion really produces on it.


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