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I have recently received budwood of this cross and grafted it on Poncirus. This is actually only my second succesful graft.
However, I can find very little information on it and would be grateful if anyone could share what they know.


I have it, got the wood from Robert (Zitrusgaertner) in 2012. On own roots it is not enough resistant and grows rather slowly.
In 2013 I low grafted it on poncirus, it is in ground without protection since 2014, no winter  damage up to  now.
It comes probably from a free  pollinated immature seedling of initial hybrid , since only a small number of  leaves are trifoliate.

Approximately 1.5m high, but has not flowered yet.

At least it is quite hardy, that's a good start:-).
Do you know where the original cross came from?

I really do not know, most probably actual budwood is from Andi Voss plant.
In a literature there is description of tetraploid hybrid obtained by somatic cell hybridization.

A few days ago, I emailed Andi Voss but haven't got a reply yet. I am curious whether his plant has flowered and how hardy it is up there compared to your place, Ilya.


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