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Thanks Jim for clarification, even if only one fruit was that big, it still shows the great potential that poncirus have for improving fruit quality. I think if someone crazy enough  ;) will try to grow poncirus as fruit tree with a lot of fertilization, pruning and fruit thinning, fruit size may increase even further...
Btw I grow Spartan apple too it was very popular variety in the past here and I still like the taste.


--- Quote from: jim VH on December 07, 2020, 11:02:49 AM ---Jibro,
That 7cm fruit was a real outlier; the 4-5cm fruits shown in the photo are more typical, with quite a scattering of smaller ones.  I wish I'd taken a picture of the big one.
I have an apple tree called Spartan that does something similar.  One year I got an apple  that weighed very nearly a  pound, whereas 2-3 fruit per pound is more typical.  Why that happens is a mystery to me.

The seedless ones tend to be the small one, though I did get a couple largeish ones that were seedless.

--- End quote ---

Any updates from this tree?

jim VH:
Hi Bussone

No, nothing particularly new.  The 2021 harvest was about the same as earlier ones, but with no 7 cm mega-fruit; the largest one was about 5.8 cm.  Here's the image for that:

  There really wasn't much of a 2022 harvest last fall, probably due to an extremely cold and wet spring/early summer; it rained almost nonstop until July 5th.  This resulted in a late bloom and very few pollinators; only a couple dozen fruit resulted.  This effected my other citrus adversely as well.  About the only interesting thing on the tree were a couple of rather gnarly fruit, discussed on another thread.  This could be caused by insect damage, or fungus.  Here's the picture:

The three-lobed fruit only had two seeds, which I planted for kicks, hoping, perhaps for a weird looking plant.  The single sprout was rather ordinary, however.

   A large number of the upper branches are still thornless.  It might be interesting to get some Dip-N-Grow and take some cuttings of said thornless branches and see if the thornlessness breed true.


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