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F2 citrange winter hardiness trial

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A few examples of zygotic 5* seedlings:
Including monofoliate individuals.

First four leaves of nucellar 5star seedlings are often monofoliate.

Thanks Ilya, I'll continue to observe the seedlings.


I've just discovered an additional 5 year old seedling tree with 10 fruitlets. These are the first fruits for this tree. I'm not totally certain if this is a zygotic sibling to the remainder of the cold hardy test survivors, or Tag along C-35 that survived via a root graft to a hardy selection that subsequently died.
This tree's in the Cold frame/tunnel and has avoided the harshest cold winds.
The fruitlets show little, or no fuzziness exhibited by Poncirus and some of its hybrids.

The supposed C-35 fruits continue to grow larger.


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