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My first poncirus marmalade tastes good.

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Can i substitute common American persimmons for the sure jell for pectin.

I used canned pectin mostly because I didn't have enough juice in which to soak the seeds for their pectin.

With Sevilles, I don't bother with additional pectin because I get enough from putting a muslin/cheesecloth sack of seeds into the resting juice. Here, I didn't have enough juice to do that, and with the additional water, I didn't want to risk it not setting. Frankly, the sugar/liquid ratio was so high it probably would have set up anyway, but again, didn't want to chance it.

I didn't have any problems with stickiness with the juice/pulp, and there wasn't any pine/menthol off-flavor to it. There was some residual stickiness in the peels/rinds, but it wasn't terrible. I think the boil step eliminated the worst of it. (Ethanol also works for this)

If I did it again, knowing I'm likely to discard the rinds, I would probably have juiced the oranges before pulping them and running them through the food mill. That would probably maximize the yielded liquid. I also probably would have held the boil/simmer step longer, in the hope of cooking out more of the off flavors.


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