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vaniglia sanguingo fruit

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This is the first year I've gotten full size fruit.  Last year I got two runts.

The UCR description is spot on:
"This is a pink fleshed (lycopene) sweet orange; very sweet, almost acidless. Pink color is in albedo and flesh next to rind only. Could be interesting as a garnish but flavor is no good- very insipid, virtually acidless."

I bought this because somebody had described it as tasting like mango and I couldn't resist... but it doesn't taste like any mango to me.  More like watered-down "orange drink".   I tried eating an immature green one to see if any different but it was much worse than the ripe ones.

Too bad because it looks like an interesting citrus.

So cross it with a Ponciris.  There was a discussion a while back about how at least some acidless citrus is due to a single gene for no acid.  Just a thought.  Ever since that discussiion, I've wanted to cross any acidless citrus with Ponciris.
The only other thing I can think of to do with a fruit that you don't like is, toss it, or think of some other fruit which would make a good drink or jelly or wine if mixed with this fruit.

Brian, I grafted that one as well. It tasted just as you described it and so I top worked my tree a while ago. It was a disappointment to wait for the branches to fruit and finding out it was not that good tasting.

What might be an interesting experiment.  Grow the Vaniglia Sanguingo in a cool/cold night temperature.  Cold night temperatures raises the acid levels in citrus.  Citrus can taste different depending on the climate the fruit is grown in.


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