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vaniglia sanguingo fruit

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I think I read a post somewhere that you can mix it with lemon juice and it will taste like orange. It is the acid that makes the taste.
But it is just rumours no experience.

Why mess with the unique vanilla flavor?
There are plenty of Oranges that taste like Oranges and even overly acidic citrus.
This one is so enjoyable and different on itís own.

I got this tree on accident, was supposed to be a tahoe gold.  Wait 3 years to find out its wrong. 

The fruit are small and have lots of seeds and 0 acid.  Im not a fan of it but not sure what to do with the tree.

The place I bought it is online four winds growers.  Thry are going to send a new tree which is very nice.  I appreciate they are doing that. 

Brad, I still have my vaniglia sanguino (grafted tree) and it was as you mention as for flavor/taste the first 5-7 yrs. But now, its been over 15 yrs  and I left one branch still with this variety and the fruits are mostly seedless and taste has improved. My fruits have hardly any acid taste but now I seem to taste the mild sweetness with a little acid and its actually good. I did a post on this fruit somewhere here with photos. Did you flesh have any pink color? My fruits never shows any pink color inside.

I also have the Tahoe Gold from them. It had fruits in 2yrs. taste was only average. I'm a little disappointed but I will keep it for a few more years before I get rid of it if now improvement.

The three gold series are:
TDE2-Shasta Gold
TDE3-Tahoe Gold
TDE4-Yosemite Gold

So far, I liked the Yosemite Gold the best, then the Shasta Gold, then Tahoe Gold.

Dont forget gold nugget.  I like gold nuggets a bunch. 

The vaniglia fruit have a little red in them and are super sweet.  It was syrupy almost and no acid.  Like sugarwater.  I guess it would make some decent drinks mixed with lime but sugar cane is probably easier than juicing these.  Ill probably top work it if no one else in the family likes them. 


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