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Hello everyone,

In summer of 2021 I started my citrus collection with a few plants from Lenzi, and have kept learning and adding varieties during the year. I thought I'd just make a topic to put some information about my plants, my experiences and people are free to ask questions if they have any.

I'm located in the city of Antwerp and while the back of our house and garden are facing south, the hours of sun can be limited due to walls and buildings blocking the sun. So I keep my citrus plants on a flat rooftop, two stories high up and get a reasonable amount of sun there I think (it's not at the top of the house, I still get some shade from other buildings). Downside is that it can get a bit more wind up there. Other than that, the winter temperatures are not too harsh here in the city I think. According to the book from Olivier Biggio "Agrumes résistant au froid" I'm on the edge between zone 8A and 8B.

These are the varieties I have now:

- Yuzu
- Yuzu N°3
- Smooth Skin Hanayuzu
- Yuzumelo / Yuzu x Citrumelo
- Thomasville Citrangequat
- US119
- Furrowed Bitter Orange
- Taiwanica
- Sudachi
- Eremolemon Coachella
- Prague Chimera
- Shekwasha
- Keraji Mandarine
- Changsha Tangerine
- Okitsu Satsuma
- Maxima Satsuma
- Enzo Pomelo
- Citrangequat 4 Season
- Meyer Lemon

Some of them came from Lenzi and are on carrizo rootstock, so I am taking scions from them and grafting them onto poncirus. I had never made grafts before and from reading on the internet it seemed like I should not expect a high success rate, but it really wasn’t an issue. Most of them succeeded and if they failed it was often when the mother plant wasn’t doing very well at the time or if the scion was just a terrible piece.

Here you can find more information about my plants, the rootstocks, my grafts, and any information I collect:

I’m still looking to add a lot of varieties, this is what I still have on my list right now

These I have no good source for yet (Vessieres doesn't reply again):
- Kumquat Nameïwa
- Clemyuz22 (or Clemyuz33)
- Kishu(-mikan)
- Tachibana
- Eremomandarin
- Bloomsweet / kinkoji

Quissac has these two, but they are expensive, so still looking for alternatives or get scions:
- Yuzu Nishiki Tada
- Yuzukichi

These I think I can get from Adavo, but I'm still interested in scions (just less of a priority):
- Ichang lemon CRC 1215
- Trifeola
- Satsuma Hashimoto
- Satsuma Iseki
- Citrangeremo
- Eremorange
- Kabosu
- Ichangensis x Sinensis
- Citrus glauca x shekwasha

For these I know someone in France that is willing to send me scions:
- Satsuma Collot
- Satsuma Corsica SRA 145

And this one I should get from a local nursery in August, he says it's very cold hardy, when I go there I'll try to get more information about it, because online there is nothing to be found about it:
- Kumquat Rafael

I'm also interested in making crosses in the future, so Poncirus+ would also be nice to add to the collection.

If you see a variety on my list that is not worth getting, or if you think a variety should be added to my list, please let me know!

And if you can help me with scions, I’d be very happy to talk about that.

I'm also happy to share scions, but I don't know when I will have which variety available as my plants are rather young right now so I don't get many good scions from them.

Here is a picture of most of my plants together:

Feel free to request pictures of specific plants.

I noticed you listed Ponkan Mandarin on the don't want list.  Ponkan is not only a good fruit, it is a great tree..  I would urge you to reconsider.  You will be happy if you do.  Thanks for sharing.


--- Quote from: Millet on June 30, 2022, 02:13:44 PM ---I noticed you listed Ponkan Mandarin on the don't want list.  Ponkan is not only a good fruit, it is a great tree..  I would urge you to reconsider.  You will be happy is you do.  Thanks for sharing.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for taking a look! I originally added Ponkan because I read great things about the fruit, but found out hardiness seems to be -9 / -10, while I try to only include things starting at "reported" -12°C. It's why I will sell my Meyer lemon, even though the fruit is good. Kishu is an exception on my list because I might like it for crossbreeding (and maybe I also have a weak spot for cute tiny mandarins similar to the shekwasha ;D ).

Hi peep,

I have
- Tachibana
- Eremomandarin (not the cross with Shekwasha)
- Trifeola
- Citrangeremo
- Eremorange
- Ichangensis x Sinensis

I may be able to send you Clemyzu22 and Clemyuz33 the next year. By now, my grafts have not yet budded.

I live near Aachen (Germany), so not so far from you.


@Till That's great! Let me send you a PM.


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