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I have C35, Morton, Keraji, African Shadock x Poncirus, Citrangeremo, Batumi Citrumelo, several types of poncirus, a citrandarin (name dubious, probably a citrumelo), Yuzu, certain Sanford seedlings, Swingle Citrumelo and a few other plants in the glashouse. Poncirus fruits were properly developed. Morton was very good. Keraji never fully satisfying, Yuzu good, Batumi good last year but not fruits this year. Other varities have not yet fruited or I have not harvested the fruits. African Shadock x Poncirus, for instance, looks quite good but I cannot yet look into the fruits.

So these dry fruits of Sanford Curafora have probably something to do with growing conditions and / or the overwintering of many unripe fruits. But as Morton, Yuzu, and Poncirus bore good fruits the lack of juice will also have something to do with the genetics of Sanford Curafora. That is to say: It will have the tendency to produce dry fruits under condidtions were other varieties don't.


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