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Taste of acidless orange Vainiglia Sanguigno vs. Vainiglia/Sucari/Succory

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I am very interested in acidless oranges. There seems to be two different cultivars Vainiglia Sanguigno and Vainiglia/Sucari/Succory. How are both in comparison according to taste and flesh consistency?

I have the VANIGLIA SANGUIGNO ACIDLESS SWEET ORANGE (VI-442), have not heard of the other one you mentioned. My grafted tree is old now (15+yrs) and in the first 2-3 yrs the fruit tasted bad, no flavor since there is no acid, very insipid. But lately, I noticed the fruit is tasting better, actual taste like an orange, still no acid but has a little more flavor. I was ready to cut down the tree but now I'm thinking of taking some scionwood first so I can graft it to my multi-grafted tree before I get rid of the tree. The tree is productive, have many fruits on it now.

I read that the flesh is much finer then an orange and that the juice feels for like a juice for example from a banana or mango.

I have a vaniglia sanguingo in a small container that makes a couple fruit each year.  It is currently tied with rangpur for my least favorite citrus :)

It is just like a regular orange but no tartness (insipid).  It doesn't have any different texture or other attributes I've noticed. 

Thanks Brian.


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