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Taste of acidless orange Vainiglia Sanguigno vs. Vainiglia/Sucari/Succory

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I did grow a Vaniglia orange, but it went on the back burner as I wasn't too rapt with the fruit flavour, neither here nor there in a way for my tastes.
I haven't given the variety much attention, maybe it has it's moments ?
I probably prefer some of the Blood Oranges that fail to develop pigment due to the weather, still an Orange but lighter flavour than Navel etc.

I did find some seeds in my fruits I ate. Since this tree with the VS has two other grafted branches of very good navel oranges, maybe the seedling will be different.

Here's a few more photos of my fruits.

Update on my taste test this week. I had some ripe navel orange, valencia orange, and vainiglia sanguigno.

Here's how they compared for me, #1 is best, #4 least.
1. Vainiglia Sanguigno (VI-442)
2a. Navel orange
2b. Washington Sanguine blood orange (VI-521)
3. Var. Hamlin orange
4. Valencia orange/var. Valencia orange

It seems the Vainiglia Sanguigno has the same issue as Valentine pummelo. Sometimes people who tastes the Valentine say it has no acid and is insipid and other times it has a little tartness to make it tastes very good.

JSea I agree with your comments. To me, the Vainiglia Sanguigno on my old tree (graft is over 15 + yrs old now) is very good tasting, sweet with very little/mild acidic taste. This may be a good variety for people who do not like acidic citrus fruits. I plan to graft some scionwood on a few of my other trees before I remove this tree since I like the fruit now. I prefer to eat this fruit out of hand than the New Zealand lemon.

I also grow the Washington Sanguine blood orange (VI-521), and the Vainiglia Sanguigno (VI-442) tastes better.


--- Quote from: sc4001992 on December 06, 2022, 12:05:10 PM ---I also grow the Washington Sanguine blood orange (VI-521), and the Vainiglia (VI-442) tastes better.

--- End quote ---

So you mean, Vaniglia tastes better than Vaniglia sanguigno - right?


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