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Taste of acidless orange Vainiglia Sanguigno vs. Vainiglia/Sucari/Succory

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I have a vaniglia sanguingo in a small container that makes a couple fruit each year.  It is currently tied with rangpur for my least favorite citrus :)

Have you ever thought of hybridising those two ?
Even just to see if it could get worse ?

Just cut a few fruits, the New Zealand lemon, Vaniglia Sanguigno, and my variegated Valecnia orange. The taste of these three, I like the New Zealand lemon the best, then the Vaniglia Sanguigno, and the Variegated Valencia is even more inspid than the Sanguigno (no taste).

Here's the photo.


--- Quote from: pagnr on November 14, 2022, 05:11:47 PM ---
Have you ever thought of hybridising those two ?
Even just to see if it could get worse ?

--- End quote ---

Hah, combining them you might actually get a good fruit!

Just to add another opinion... Vainiglia Sanguigno is one of my favourite Citrus to eat (although I haven't had one for a few years). I think it helps to consider it a different fruit entirely from an orange. Like if you're craving an acidic orange, Vainiglia is absolutely not going to hit the spot.

The ones I ate had a slight pink tinge to the flesh, and were very sweet. I would've eaten them in about mid Summer. The flavour reminded me of artificial candied citrus peel. People like to eat melons, and nobody complains that they're not acidic haha. Same thing with Vainiglia.


There are some advantages to growing the Vainiglia Sanguigno here in SoCal. Like I said, the taste of my fruits got better, now it is not just sweet, it has a little tartness, peels like an orange, so I like it. Also, all my Sanguigno fruits are already ripe in November before any of my other navel oranges so I can eat them earlier. The only other orange I have ripe is the Valencia which has continued to have fruits ripen from Feb - Nov.


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