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New Zealand Lemonade polyembryonic?

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Is NZL mono- or polyembryonic?

I do not know about NZL exactly whether it is mono or polyembryonic  but I can say this> Almost all lemons and pure mandarins are true to type from seed.  NZL is a  cross between a lemon and a mandarin.

It's at least sometimes polyembryonic (I have a few sprouts coming from one seed right now). The seeds are not very plump (relatively good sign as to whether a Citrus is highly polyembryonic). I am not aware of any seedling variation however, but then again planting Citrus from seed seems to be a very rare occurrence here so maybe hardly anyone has grown from seed.

I have a neighbour with a big tree of Lemonades, and I will ask to buy some crop and then sow the seeds, and can give a better idea of how polyembryonic it is from the seedlings.

As far as I'm aware, we don't know with certainty the other parent of the Lemonade. It could be a clementine or one of the other monoembryonic "mandarins" for example (hence higher chance for the hybrid to have formed in the first place).

I've heard it may have Meyer lemon in its parentage, which, of course, is not polyembryonic.  So there's that.

Just guesses, so nobody knows for sure.


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