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Rangpur Lime Tasting

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Crossposting this at the request of pagnr

Finally Citrus reticulata x medica - Rangpur lime

I saw these at the farmers market and curiosity got the better of me, I was fully expecting them to be green inside, and so when I peeled the skin I was absolutely sure that I had been bamboozled and sold a tangerine.

When I put a segment in my mouth I was quickly corrected- It tastes like a lime- intense citrus that is maybe a bit lighter than a regular one. I made an amazing salad dressing with it

Thanks for that elouicious.

Rangpur fruit has very few fans on this section so it was good to see a positive review, and a good hint about how to use it.

Rangpur is great! I like the aroma and taste and but pretty much use them for meat and fish. It's a bit each like mandarin, lime, and lemon. Part of the aroma reminds me of kaffir lime, but more mild. I can see how dressing would be good; would you mind sharing a recipe?

I'm sure there are other uses (I've read marmalade is good and that it can taste good mixed with orange juice), but I'm pretty happy using it for savory only.

Vegan Potato Man:
Rangpur lime makes a nice juice

Water it down a lot and add sugar

I rag on rangpur a lot, but only because the competition is better, we are spoiled with amazing citrus varieties.  I agree it would make a fine juice if sweetened up.


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