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Can meyer lemon survive nights of -5 to -7c if it is planted infront of a south facing wall and a huge black container

It helps.

Meyer lemon is thought to be a hybrid of lemon and orange. It will likely be no more hardy than a sweet orange.

The Ichang Lemon was also brought to the US by Frank Meyer but is far more cold hardy with reports of being hardy 15 Fahrenheit (-9 celsius) or even colder. It would likely be far easier to grow in your location and might be worth investigating. I havenot tasted one, but it is reported to be very acceptable as a lemon substitute. Don't confuse it with the Ichang Papeda (one of its parents) which is virtually inedible but is reported to be the most cold hardy evergreen citrus.


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I would say yes.
I planted 1 year old seedlings last summer in ground in front of my green house  and they survived -6C the last mild winter with not very much damage, this summer they have good grown further. So if they are a little bit older, I think -7 should be possible perhaps even without damage . Important is to brung them already in late spring in earth for good establishment until winter begins.


--- Quote from: Galatians522 on December 02, 2022, 10:23:04 PM ---Meyer lemon is thought to be a hybrid of lemon and orange.

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So it was once believed until they analyzed genetics.


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