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Is dwarfing rootstock necessary?

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@poncirsguy I have successfully rooted a few (not trifoliate) but my success rate is very low. My success rate for (cleft) grafts is also very low.
@pagnr I have not yet decided what I want but it will probably be kumquats and/or mandarins.

Kumquats and mandarins are both relatively compact growers compared to pummelos, oranges, lemons, grapefruit.  You should be fine.

This is my Fukushu kumquat on Flying dragon at 2 year 2 months old from bud expansion.  The rootstock was 1.5 years old when grafted.
It is 54 inches tall from soil line and  3 foot diameter limb spread at its widest.

Kumquats and Mandarins are probably the two I would keep on rootstocks. There are some Mandarins that are used as rootstocks themselves, but the seedlings I have grown from store bought Mandarin fruit are often some of the slower growers. Not sure how that would relate to cuttings of the same or similar Mandarin cultivars, but possibly similar at a guess. Mandarins are also a wide group of cultivars, and some ancestry types or hybrids, are much better growers than others.
Kumquats have more of a winter dormant stage than most other Citrus.
Rootstocks like Trifoliata can enhance that for extra  winter protection.
Rootstocks like Citrange can overcome that to some extent for better seasonal growth.


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