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Does anyone know the effects of having 24 hours of light on a citrus plant (100 watt lightbulb) when keeping them warm in the winter?  The normal day/night cycle obviously is thrown off.

Unicycle Mike

I have grown a lot under 20 hour daycycles. It never gave me any problem. I'd say 24 hrs would be fine

Trees perform important respiratory functions at night and should have at least 6 hours of darkness per day, and more mature plants at least 8-10 hours a day.  Respiration is an import and vital function for all trees.

Could try green bulbs.
Plants do not utilize the green portion of the visible light spectrum as much as it does on the red or blue/violet end.
So theoretically, a green bulb would disturb the plant less than a white, red, or blu/violet bulb would.

I am running 24 hours light On some of my pepper trees and they are doing the best


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