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kishu is very much worthwhile

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--- Quote from: sc4001992 on February 01, 2023, 06:00:12 AM ---

This is a photo of a friends Kishu tree, my goal is to get one of my trees to look like it with hundreds of fruits.

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Do you know what rootstock that used? I ordered some kishu scions from CCPP and that's basically the exact size and shape I'm hoping mine will eventually be in the corner of the greenhouse, and I assume rootstock choice will impact final size.

I have lots of extra key lime seedlings, so was thinking I'd try those as rootstocks since they've done ok in the greenhouse this winter. I also have a Pixie and TDE3 (Tahoe Gold), both on trifoliate, and might make one of them a multi-graft instead. I have Meiwa grafted on a lime seedling, but I would rather not add another variety to that.

i don't know the rootstock on the Kishu. It's an old tree, over 15yrs, and when I trimmed it back for them it looked like the rootstock was a dwarf. It could be on Flying Dragon but I don't know.

Trifoliate (semi-dwf) rootstock should be fine, the Kishu branches do not grow fast, has dense branches, and if you let it hold all the fruits then it will not grow that tall from the graft union. You can always trim the long branches to keep it to a reasonable size.


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