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Looking for a good controlled release citrus fertilizer with micronutrients

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--- Quote from: Millet on January 20, 2023, 04:36:47 PM ---Tortuga, it is not my logic, I learned it from Dr. Manors of Florida Southern University.  However, you are correct in that if you add all the manures you listed to a container mix, then n organic fertilizer should work.  However, most all container mixes contain no organic mixtures other than sterile peat moss and bark, perlite etc.

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I understand. I assumed you were thinking I used a bag mix but I use native sandy loam soil with additional fine woody material. I would think using a container mix is last resort for this reason. Thank you for the clarification

My Meyer lemon is in a 35 gallon thatís 40%pine park 40% promix (organic fruit and veg) 10% fresh vermicompost 10% bokashi waste (mostly fermented fruit peels, chicken carcasses). I got 130 lemons over a 14 month period. Only issue is u need to repot/root prune or productivity drops. I add fresh clover/alfalfa and more fermented stuff to the top and the worms, millipedes and wood lice break it all down.


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