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Looking for a good controlled release citrus fertilizer with micronutrients

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--- Quote from: Millet on January 09, 2023, 11:20:35 AM ---According to the University of Florida' booklet titles Florida Your Dooryard Crus Guide By Jim Ferguson to fertilize 1 year old in round citrus tree 6 times per yea with a 6-6-6 fertilizer.  A 2 year old inground tree 5 times a year with a 6-6-6 or 8-8-8 fertilizer. A 3 year old inground tree with a 8-8-8 fertilizer 4 times a year, and a 4 year old  inground tree and older 3 times a year.  For trace elements there are many brands that can be found on he internet.  Look up soluble trace elements for use on plants. If your interested in receiving this booklet you can call the University of Florida IFAS Extension book store  at 352-392-3411

--- End quote ---

Thanks Millet.

I do have about 25 lbs of a pretty good granular from Sunniland which has a pretty good array of micronutrients. I do suppose that for a couple of one year old trees it should last for a while. I ask about the CRF with micros because I read a couple of IFAS articles about fertilization in the HLB era. Maybe I misread that the feeding program is for HLB-infected trees only. I'll have to re-read them.

Here is a snippet from the label on the bag of granular I already have:

Your 6-4-6 shown above would be excellent for a 1 year old tree  Apply it around the trees root zone, but keep it 2 or 3 inches from the trunk.

I also ordered a tub of an old standby I used way back - Peters. I'll use this as a supplemental drench and foliar application.

Not to high jack the thread but could anyone also recommend an organic alternative please?

Organic fertilizers, would work when used on trees growing in the ground. However, they do not work with container grown tree. 


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