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Yesterday I was grafting Ichangquat and Ichang Lemon, then I was thinking: There is Ichangquat and there is Lemonquat (sunquat), so what about an Ichang-Lemon-quat?

Ichangquat is very hardy, but is a bit behind in fruit quality. Lemonquat has higher fruit quality, but lacks hardiness. So Ichanglemonquat could be interesting?

Anyone ever heard of it existing? Or if it doesn't, is there a reason nobody has made it yet? Is it difficult?

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No, it's not difficult at all. One just has to do it. I suspect the main reason is that not many people intentionally cross-pollinate citrus plants and have the calm to wait for the first fruit.
If I had an IchangLemon, I would do it.

edit: Just thought for a while  the cross you suggested might be (literally by name)

IchangLemon x Kumquat
ichang papeda (I P) x Lemonquat
and also
Ichangquat x Lemon

quite a wide variety of options and results:)

Haha, yes the naming might get confusing. Maybe 'Shangyuanquat' would be better? :p

I received the CRC 1215 cultivar of Ichang Lemon this week and grafted it, and I have recently received the Nameiwa kumquat as a plant (although I will cut scions from it), so when I have the opportunity it is something I would like to cross. Should I do this two ways, one with Ichang Lemon as pollinator and one with Kumquat als pollinator?

Ichangquat is also already high on my list to make many different crosses with. And also Ichang 'IVIA' x Nameiwa. Which would be an Ichangquat, but maybe little bit different.

I don't have lemonquat and don't plan on getting it so that's for someone else to do :p

I see potential in Meiwa Kumquat. It is sweet and maybe hybrids are more likely to be sweet then too... but I am only guessing. How is Nameiwa?
If you have the chance  it would be good to pollinate in both directions. Most of the time there are other restrictions, so if you have the chance to do so, do as much as you can and as many combinations as you can :)
There are always incompatibilities nucellar seeds and so on what can cross your plans.
Most of my plans remained plans because the plants decided otherwise.;)


--- Quote from: mikkel on January 14, 2023, 04:37:16 PM ---I see potential in Meiwa Kumquat. It is sweet and maybe hybrids are more likely to be sweet then too... but I am only guessing. How is Nameiwa?

--- End quote ---

I agree that it would be goot to have some sweetness. From what I read the Nameiwa is good for eating as they are, on equal level with Meiwa. Although this does not have to mean that it is exactly as sweet. At least the Nameiwa is supposedly more hardy than either Nagami or Meiwa, so that is a plus. 

Edit: Translated from Vessieres about Nameiwa:

"The fruit is a small, oval to round, extremely sweet kumquat. The skin is crisp and soft. The pulp is juicy and sweet too. Powerful aromas of almost mandarin kumquat. Few seeds."


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