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flying dragon vs C35

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I have a Fukushu kumquat on C35 and several on Flying dragon.  Just showing some graft unions.

Could you post corresponding measurements? Height, pot-size, caliper (from same soil height, say 1 inch).

    Fukushu on C35 has a non circular circumference of 5.25 inches.  the Fukushu and C35 are the same but have a misalignment of about 1/16 inch. The graft is 3.75 inches above the root collar.  root collar is 1/2 inches above soil line.  Tree is 6 feet tall with a diameter of 3.5 feet from bottom to near top of tree.  Pot is 22 inch diameter top to bottom and 18 inches tall
    Fukushu on Flying dragon has a 4.625 inch circumference Flying Dragon rootstock, with 4.25 inch circumference Fukushu scion.  The tree has a height of 4 feet 8 inches and a diameter of 3 feet for 2 foot of height and has 4 shoots that will fill out with age.  Graft is 4.125 inches above root collar.  The pot is listed at 13.5 gallon with an internal diameter of 19 inches and a height of 18 inches.  Bottom diameter of 12 inches.

So the 6 foot C-35 is in a 30 gallon pot?

I'm curious now. Did you notice more vegetative growth on the C-35, early on? Or did the root mass just grow that much faster? Presumably, it has grown faster in a shorter period of time, requiring up-potting, right?

In their current form, is there more vegetative growth on the C-35 compared to the FD?

I have more knowledge now.  The C35 kumquat was grafted 5 years ago and the Flyi8ngdragon/kumquat was grafted 2.5 years ago.  The C35 Fukushu grew faster than the FD/Fukushu in the beginning.  My increased knowledge and care, kept the FD/Fukushu tree to grow faster in year 2 than the C35/Fukushu.  The FD/Fukushu is overall healthier.
The C35/Fukushu is fruiting and flowering now while the FD/Fukushu is putting on growth


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