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flying dragon vs C35

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--- Quote from: scamper on January 24, 2023, 02:42:28 PM ---Have you tried to root FD cuttings? If so, was it easy?

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I have rooted FD with quite a high succes rate. I used substrate plugs (some kind of cocos type plug). You can root them in a plastic container under LED at 23C constant. First time it took around 6-8 weeks for most of them to root, significantly longer than other varieties. Using material from actively growing plants gave much better succes rates.

Thanks for the info. @deRoode, did you also take cuttings during hot months?

@poncirsguy, have you had to root prune either plant yet? Does it look like more aggressive root pruning or more frequent root pruning will be ncessary on C-35 relative to FD?

The Fukushu was grafted to a straight twig straight thorn Flying dragon.  That FD was no more vigorous than their twisted sisters.  It was easier to T-bud to a straight shaft.

I collected straight FD types, they seemed fairly variable to me, but distinct from regular trifoliata. Some were fairly unusual.

For FD I generally used very small chip buds on an upward facing zig, much easier than T buds. --> /


--- Quote from: scamper on January 25, 2023, 11:03:42 PM ---Thanks for the info. @deRoode, did you also take cuttings during hot months?

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I used cuttings coming from plants actively growing at 23 C to 29C. Material that was semi hardened worked best for me.

Yes.  Each up potting I cleared out circling roots and cut he bottom 1/2 inch mass of matted roots off.  I will be up potting this spring from my 30 gallon pot to a 54 gallon Stainless steel pot on swivel wheels  I will trim off the circling and matted roots.  This will be the final up potting for this tree.


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