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flying dragon vs C35

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--- Quote from: poncirsguy on January 26, 2023, 01:43:35 PM ---Yes.  Each up potting I cleared out circling roots and cut he bottom 1/2 inch mass of matted roots off.  I will be up potting this spring from my 30 gallon pot to a 54 gallon Stainless steel pot on swivel wheels  I will trim off the circling and matted roots.  This will be the final up potting for this tree.

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How many up pots have you done on the C-35 so far? what about the FD?

Both rootstock started in a gallon pot then went to 5 gallon pail in which they were grafted then into a 30 gallon for the C35/Fukushu and a 13.5 gallon for the FD/Fukushu.  The C35 is in need of a transplant and root prune and the FD will go into the 30 gallon.

My goal is to keep my kumquats in a small almost bonzai like state - 5 gallon or less. I guess FD is the way to go.

I agree with you o Flying dragon

When do you normally choose to root prune? Like pre-winter? Post-winter? I have no idea what the recommendation would be for citrus.


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