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flying dragon vs C35

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My fukushu on what I suspect is c35 but not sure was far too vigorous once I planted it in the ground of my greenhouse.  I have since regrafted it onto FD and I am much happier this way.  This rootstock might be okay when constricted in containers but it was too much for me in-ground. 

The FD graft unions do end up a bit "benched", but so far I don't think it has caused any issues

David Kipps:
If using seedlings for rootstock, remember the possibility of occasional zygotic deviants.  If evaluating one individual's performance, and it happens to be on one of those deviants, your conclusions could be skewed.  In the case of C-35, I planted thousands of C-35 seed into open ground (normally sold to nurseries for rootstock production).  Most of them were uniform looking and also died during the next few winters, as expected in Z 6/7 here in North Central VA.  A few survived and in some cases also looked quite different than the norm.  Some were fairly vigorous, but others were very low vigor, yet healthy.

The Fukushu was grafted to a straight twig straight thorn Flying dragon.  That FD was no more vigorous than their twisted sisters.  It was easier to T-bud to a straight shaft.

Have you tried to root FD cuttings? If so, was it easy?

I have rooted Poncirus Trifoliate during the hot months in a sealed container on the north side of my house.  It took about 3 months.  Never rooted Flying dragon.  I had access to FD seeds at the time i needed them.


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