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My in ground shiranui lost 70% of its height last winter when we went to 14 degrees one night in March and I think my heaters líun cold frames didnít come on. It came back to three feet high this year but again, I went to 8 degrees for two hours with no electricity so no heaters, then next day 2 degrees and below freezing temps for almost a week while I was on vacation in Fl for a week. The shiranui looks bad again but trunk still green above graft line. The fruit doesnít ripen until January commercially. I have one in a pot that I brought inside my house during the single- digit nightmare week, and it has one large green fruit on it now. Stuff ripens late for me here.

Very interesting and beneficial Citradia, to know of such Cold hardiness, still on search for Shiranui for taste but very good ad on the cold hardiness also for my climate  8)


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