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I think I have a hybrid of Ichangquat and 5* Citrumelo

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This seed came from Ilya, from an Ichangquat.
But I just noticed something, there was a tiny bifurcation in one of the leaves (something I immediately recognized from my mostly monofoliate citrangequat seedling), and when I looked closer I realized there was also a small bifoliate leaf, with two leaves coming out of the petiole. Obviously this isn't characteristic of Ichangquat, so if it came from Ichangquat, it had to have been pollinated by something else. I know Ilya has a big 5* Citrumelo tree in the vicinity.

My Ichangquat seedlings have been quite variable in leaf morphology, so I know the seeds from Ichangquat must be zygotic, at least about half of them. This is the first one that's shown any indication of likely trifoliate leafed parentage though.

Maybe Ilya can shed more light on this.

Before a year 2000 Bernhardt Voss got the seeds of Ichanquat 6-7-2 hybrid from Florida Research station.
The strongest zygotic seedling was multiplied by him by grafting on poncirus roots.
I got one of such immature plants in 2003, it is now a huge tree , never protected , never damaged ( the lowest temperatures of -16C).
The seeds are  100% monoembryonic . Usually there is  1 seed per 10  fruits. One seed in 4 has green cotyledons typical for its  kumquat ancestor.
Some seedlings have a tendency for bifoliate trait, probably due to a pollination by 5star citrumelo growing nearby.
I have two such seedlings, but they have not flowered up to now.

bklyn citrus:
beautiful photos interesting reading

I just planted it outside into the ground.

I know it's probably far too early, but the temperatures so far in late January have been surprisingly mild and relatively warm.

Jan 26

Seems to be only monofoliate now, right?


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