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Sale will go on into this weekend. All orders will be shipped out on Monday morning.
Thank you!

Ok just quick update. Monday is holiday so they'll be out on tuesday. Works perfectly as I'm getting boxes tomorrow.
Also thank you for the support! We should have some more seeds being offered in a few weeks.

Wow seeds are really fresh. Just talked with someone who got some seeds I sent them a few months ago. It only took about 3 weeks to sprout. I think its cause seller cold stratified them too. This is what quality seeds does.
Crazy. Like literally crazy when people are waiting months even years for these to germinate.
Anyways, we have more seeds coming in soon. Will update when they are available.
Also if you bought seeds from us this last update, please feel free to let us know when they sprout.

Seeds definitely looked fresh. Mine are in the ground for 1/2 week so far. I'll let you know if they pop up.

New Seeds available. Giant red Crystal and Plinia Oblongata.

There is a sale going on right now! Best time to pick them up is now!

Fresh stuff!


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