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My first Kishu mandarin harvest

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I just want to share my very first harvest of Kishu mandarin.
I planted the tree in December 2015 from 3 G size pot or so; about 3 ft tall, it's now about 6 ft tall and seems to be growing nicely.
The last 2 seasons, the fruitlets kept dropping, until this season when they held up to maturity.

The taste test: Very easy to peel, surprisingly refreshing, juicy, with just enough sweetness and a scan of tart. And to my surprise: no seed at all! (This is a bonus, I didn't know about this when I purchased the tree). So, overall I am happy with this tree just hope and pray that HLB won't be infecting this tree that I have to cut it down...!

Congratulations, good things come to those who wait.  Kishu is a favorite of many people.  The best to you and this tree.

Wonderful! Congratulations! Great pics.

Congrats, i envy you, i miss our italian mandarins, i hope my clementine will fruit soon!

Wow, very nice!

I had a massive harvest this year, but they were all gone before I got to them.
Discovered there were rats and squirrels in my yard that eat mandarins.

I was so upset, but now I have 2 feral cats I've trained to hunt.
They're doing such a great job, it's unreal how much of a different they made.

I had a serious rat infestation, couldn't prevent it because there were 3 storm drains around the sidewalk.
We requested the city to close off the drains with a metal screen but they refused due "obstructing" flow.


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