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My first Kishu mandarin harvest

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Thanks everyone for your positive responses!

Waxy, so sorry to know about your rat infestation; and glad to see
that you are able to control them with feral cats! I do see some rats and squirrels coming by my yard, and I have traps set for them, and caught a few now and then.
But luckily,  they did not damage  or steal  my fruits, not in any alarming numbers; knock on wood!

Kishu is actually believed to be one of the parents of Satsuma (unshiu mikan), according to DNA studies that have been done in Japan.

There are several varieties Kishu mikan.
Mukaku Kishu 無核紀州 - is a completely seedless variety, of Japanese origin, derived from a mutations of the native seeded variety ‘Kishu mikan’.
Do not confuse with Kishu mikan of Chinese origin.


--- Quote from: Yurii on April 16, 2024, 06:05:44 AM ---Do not confuse with Kishu mikan of Chinese origin.

--- End quote ---
There is no Kishu-mikan of Chinese origin. Kishu varieties are Japanese. China has its own varieties belonging to the same species Citrus kinokuni (according to the classification of Tanaka). The most famous is the ancient variety Nanfengmiju. There are also varieties of Donghuamiju, Huanglingmiao, Yuanyangju and probably others that I don't know about. Japanese varieties of Kishu are descended from Chinese varieties.


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