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Flying Dragon Seedling - Tracking Growth and Variations

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Since there are some interests in the dwarfing nature of FD and using these for rootstock, I will document my recently planted FD seedlings. I separated the seedlings after 4-6 wks to monoembryonic and polyembryonic seedlings by visual inspection.

You can look at the photos and make comments, but please don't side track my post where I'm just documenting the growth of these seedlings.

 ========== Here's the early photos from Jan 2023 ========================
I planted maybe 300-500 seeds from my fruits of my 40 yrs old Flying Dragon tree:

I just planted out my seeds from the Flying Dragon tree I have, here's a few photos of the seedlings. They look very similar to me. I have many other varieties grafted on the tree and another tree 10 feet from the FD.


I have new photos of the seedlings I will post later when I have time. They all look healthy, the polyembryonic seedling do have irregular size seedlings but I did not see anything special, just very small seedlings or larger ones.

Monoembryonic Seedlings:

Polyembryonic Seedlings :


How big is the 40 year-old Flying Dragon?

Ok, just measured the height again. It is about 9 ft tall, I don't trim back the main trunk. The lowest portion of my tree trunk measured about 2" in diameter. I purchased the lemon tree in 1985 which had the FD rootstock so I let the FD take over and cut back the lemon. The tree was in a 5 gallon so I would say it was 2-4 years old when I purchased it.


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