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22+ Variety Multi-grafted Citrumelo Tree

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Hi everyone! I took another progress picture and wanted to show the progression from day 1 to now 2.5 months later and how this tree has grown. It is all cold hardy citrus varieties and trifoliate orange hybrids including:
Swingle citrumelo
Dunstan citrumelo
Sacaton citrumelo
5star citrumelo
Rusk citrange
C-35 citrange
Tai Tri
Taiwanica/Nansho Daidai
Ichang lemon
US-852 citrandarin
Bishop citrandarin
US-942 citrandarin
US-812 citrandarin
Trifoliate orange
Flying dragon
Sinton citrangequat
Thomasville citrangequat
Clem-yuz (not sure if 2-2 or 3-3)
Dragon lime
Prague chimera
The tree was brought indoors in late January where it was grafted and placed under a 100W grow light. All progress has been indoors under these conditions. Naturally, some grafts failed but 80-90% took and I double-grafted a lot of these. In actuality, there might be almost 40 grafts but some have taken but not grown yet, or are growing slowly. All is to be expected with a franken-tree, especially with a smaller one!

Very cool. I've done that to a Citrumelo and a US 852 too but to a lesser extent and mainly because of lack of rootstocks. I am curious to see yours develop.

Thank you, that sounds cool too! I was gifted the Citrumelo and I happened to have a lot of scions leftover from a larger project so it became the guinea pig. I'm happy with how it's growing in such a short period and it's interesting to note how different varieties behave on this rootstock.

Impressive! Nice work

Mulberry0126, nice work. But I'm wondering why you wouldn't use a larger tree as the rootstock for this project. It will just keep your multi-grafted branches from growing at a normal pace so your grafts will be slower growing than if it was on a larger rootstock from the beginning. I do have plenty of citrus in ground, so I have the luxury of using larger rootstock in CA. Still looks very impressive though, great job.


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