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Anyone here really pushing the zones hard? (maybe even successfully?!)

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Hello hello all,

My name is Nate and I have a problem. I am totally addicted to purchasing subtropical fruit trees. I have about 20 different varieties from mangos to jaboticaba to anonas to garcinias.

In sunny Australia, the sun is slowly dipping, losing several minutes of sunlight even day, and what is worse approaching winter.

Where I live winters are harsh. By Australian standards it is as bad as we get. By US standards fairly mild for most of the continent, but horrible for subtropical plants, being squarely in a cold zone 9a.

Each year for most of winter we will sit at around -2 to -3 most nights of the week, with several -4 to -5o C days per month typically and one or two below -6. I believe -6 is around 20F.

All my precious little friends are in containers, under a single patio with open sides, and a clear perspex roof to the sky. This offers some protection from frost, but only takes the edge off the cold.

And so, being only 2 months into Autumn and with multiple nights already below -2o C, I need comfort and friends. Anyone here done this successfully?

Tell me your tales and whisper me your secrets.

I think it's better to make small heated green house if you can.

I wish this were a possibility!

Since its a patio, what about trying to close off the slides a bit to stop strong cold winds partially then adding a small heater at night?

+1 on the greenhouse. Anything covered but bright light with a heater is a greenhouse. Mine works wonders in a very harsh 7b climate.


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