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Looking for Loquat!

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 Hello, looking for scion to top work loquat seedlings. Most interested in the following varieties.
Orange Dream
Please help if you can? Would love to have them grafted for 2024.  :)

I have a bunch of Christmas and Bradenton. I really like the sour flavor of these two, but haven't tried any that you mentioned.

Thank you! I have never had either of those varieties. Have lots of seedlings and want to add some named varieties. Please PM me with details of how to get scion wood. Thanks again, I appreciate you.

If any scions are still available please pm me. Interested

Welcome Mikey1. I am still looking for scions myself. Did get some earlier but the trees have fruit right now. I am hoping some will surface in another month or so. We will keep looking. Good luck.


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