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Blackberry seeds


Hi Iíve been watching videos about how to propegate various different seeds, my question is referring to black berries and raspberries.  I canít find any of these fresh at any supermarket to get the seeds, if I was to by a store bought frozen pouch of these 2 fruits, would they grow?

Yes, but they need to be cold stratified after planting. Buying refrigerated fruit doesn't count. I don't know if they grow true to the parent, however.

I like the challenge of growing things from seed, even if it takes longer. Makes them feel truly mine.


I don't think seeds from frozen fruits will sprout. If the seeds had been dried before being frozen, then they would sprout. Since they were frozen in the fruit I doubt it.

Sorry, I didn't read the initial post closely enough to see that he was talking about FROZEN fruit. I agree with Galatians...



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