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Ribes aureum (golden currant) worth keeping?


Has anyone grown golden currant? Iíve got a couple of bushes that Iíve never been able to get ripe fruit from (poor production due to shade and something eating the fruits). Has anyone grown this? I wonder if itís worth putting more effort into production/protection?

I haven't grown them yet, but I keep reading online that they're sweeter than black currants and better for eating straight off the bush, so I'm planning to grow them.

I moved them to a sunnier position in a raised bed this fall. Iím hoping that this and an extra year of maturity will allow more berries to set. Iíll try to update if I remember.

I hope it works, too!

Do you have the cultivar Crandall?  I've heard that one is particularly tasty.

Thatís the one I have, grows well as a bush even in a shadier area. Looks good from an aesthetic standpoint. Just needs to be more productive. Send me a message in the fall if I forget to post.


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