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Best temperate fruit variety in Southern California (low Chill)?


Im looking for ideas of what to graft on Lovell and Saint Juliane A rootstock. I have a lot of different fruits I can graft on them but looking for recommendations. So far my favorite temperate fruits (that can be grafted onto plum rootstock) that Im growing in San Diego area are: Leahcot (tastes like a giant nectarine size, juicy apricot), Sweet Treat Pluerry (one of the latest harvesting really tasty plum type fruits, like Aug, sept harvest), Pluot Flavor Grenade (another late ripening plum like fruit...able to harvest when all other plums are done). What do you recommend?


How many chill hours are you getting over there?

Maybe 200-400 chill hours on average.

How long have you had Leahcot and has it been productive?

I bought a many many stone fruits this year to test out. I think my best bets are Flavor Grenade pluot, Splash pluot, Beauty plum.

Ive had leahcot for 2 years. It was moderately productive last year for its size but like I said fruit was awesome. Most sites state leahcot need 500 chill hours....Appreciate the recommendations, I have flavor grenade and agree, it tastes great! Ill have to look up splash pluot and beauty plum.


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