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Thanks Mark. just got the Mary Ln White Sapote scions in the mail. Really healthy wood, and thanks for wrapping it with parafilm which made my life easy.
I left the parafilm on when I grafted them all today.

Mark, how many varieties of White Sapote have you tried, and how do you think Mary Ln compares to some of them?

I really like my Vernon, which came from Laverne's Nursery.

Glad you got the scions in good shape. This is a seedling I found in an empty field here in San Diego. I have tried at least 20 varieties. A lot from the late Bob Chambers grove in the County. Also I have tried all the regular named varieties. Mary lane is by far my favorite. It doesn't have any bitterness and is like eating a sweet caramel, banana like pudding. The fruit doesn't get real big, but is productive.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Wtb Mamey scion
« on: March 13, 2023, 08:39:32 PM »
I have a large "Pantin" Mamey down here in Chula Vista

Just resent request. Thanks Mark.

Got it, also if anyone needs tracking #'s let me know.

Thanks, Mark

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: How to?
« on: March 08, 2023, 12:39:50 PM »
Approach grafting works the best, at least here in southern California.

Hi Mark, I sent a request for the Mary Lane. Could you send me paypal payment info if any are still available. Thanks.

Hi can you please send a private message with your order.



Hi all, I have sent all orders. They should arrive to west coast addresses by Wednesday and the east coast and Hawaii on Saturday. They are all wrapped in buddy tape or parafilm and will arrive fine. If there are any issues let me know and I will make it right.

Thanks again,


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Pawpaw Scions
« on: March 04, 2023, 09:36:58 PM »
PM sent

Can Wax Jambu be propagated from cutting. If so I might be interested.

BTW, the White Sapote I got from you last year already fruited.

I just ate one of the Mary Ln. fruits today, super delicious. How did yours taste?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: 'Pecan Pie' Lucuma Scions
« on: March 03, 2023, 06:55:17 PM »
PM sent.

Thanks Nate!

Can Wax Jambu be propagated from cutting. If so I might be interested.

Yes, if you use some rooting hormone, light mix and bottom heat and have a covering to keep in the humidity.



Is cherilata different than Painter and Fernandez?

Hi Pau,

Mine is a darker red almost deep purple. It doesn't look like "Painters" but I don't remember where mine came from. This is the first year it fruited and the fruit aren't ripe yet, so we'll see what the flesh looks like.


It came from me, the scion I received from John Painter.

Oolie, I have the Painter that I recevied and grafted in the Spring of 2022.

The other Cherilata I received and grafted the Spring of 2020. That is the one fruiting that I have photos of.

When did I get the "Painter" from you? Thanks, Mark

Is cherilata different than Painter and Fernandez?

Hi Pau,

Mine is a darker red almost deep purple. It doesn't look like "Painters" but I don't remember where mine came from. This is the first year it fruited and the fruit aren't ripe yet, so we'll see what the flesh looks like.

I need some of those Red Fernandez also Mark!!!!!!

Got you Stela,


Thanks for making this stuff available. Awaiting my scions in good faith!

Thanks for your order, I'm cutting them today and will send them out. You will get them with no problem.

Thanks again,


Hi Mark,

I sent you an PM yesterday and didn't received any response from you.  Just want to confirm you received the PM or not.


Thanks Al, check your messages.

Great list here, Mark!


I'm just trying to distribute some good ones like the Paul Thomson and Taiwan. The other ones are real good also.

Hi Mark,

Is 5 minimum each variety or can it mixed?


Hi, yes they can be mixed, just 5 total minimum.



Hi: Do you have a picture of the Kecil? Thanks
Let me check, it has a green/white color with some pink.

Some new varieties HoneyHart, Dr.White and an early bearing Lucida.

I've got a lot of different scions available.  All scions will have at least 2 buds.

Scions are $5 each plus $5 shipping, minimum of 5 scions each. I prefer Zelle as payment, but I do have PayPal.

Mary Ln. White Sapote Scions. The fruit is a smaller yellow skin, light yellow flesh that has a nice butterscotch, caramel flavor.

Cherimoya All of these except Fortuna and Santa Rosa are scion grown trees from the UC ANR Cherimoya Research Station, so they are true varieties. The Fortuna was obtained from the original person that developed it, and the Santa Rosa is from a grafted true tree.

Selma 3 Left
Concha Lisa Sold out
El Bumpo (limited)
Santa Rosa (Very large fruit)
Fortuna (fruit up to 5lbs.)
Dr. White
Lucida (a seedling that is earlier and is just as good)
Dream Sold Out
Ong Special Bumpy 5 Left
Coochie Island Sold Out
Super African Pride
Leo 2  Sold Out
Phet Pak Chong (PPC)
Paul Thomson Edgehill Sold Out
Taiwan Sold Out

Custard Apple
Kimber Red & Green
Red Fernandez

Illama Genoa White
Green skin/White flesh

Sweet Alice

Thornless Blackberry
Triple Crown

Super African Pride

Coochie Island


El Bumpo

Kimber Red Custard Apple

Leo 2 Atemoya


Santa Rosa


Selma (The red flesh fruit)

"Sunflower" Pawpaw

Paul Thomson Edgehill

Ong Special Bumpy

Taiwan Atemoya



Hey Mark.
When will you have atemoya scions available?

Yes, I will have PPC, Ong Bumpy, African Pride and Coochie Island


Glad to hear that Mark, is it a yellow sapote (C.T.) or a white sapote? I just grafted some more on my tree so I hope I can taste the Mary Ln fruit in a year or so.

Yeah, it is a yellow one with yellow flesh. I've got a one gallon small grafted one that put on flowers this year, they fruit real quick.

Still shipping cherimoya. Atemoyas and scions are available now too. Thanks

Shipping next round of cherimoya fruit on Tuesday, Feb 28th.

I've tried at least 20 varieties mostly from the late Bob Chambers grove in San Diego County, and all the popular varieties. His orchard is quite large. The best one I have eaten is one called "Mary Ln." from a tree in Escondido. The fruit is smaller than others but it is like rich caramel and banana when the fruit turns yellow.

Has anyone in the group fruited these Blackberry Jam fruit in California?
I was wondering if these will turn into yellow skinned fruit, or do I have another Randia species?. They have been staying this color for a few months and thought it was the cold here in Southern California keeping them from maturing.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Reed avocado scions wanted
« on: February 21, 2023, 05:22:44 PM »
Looking for Reed avocado scion wood...

How many are you looking for?

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