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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: WTB Inga spectabilis seeds
« on: March 21, 2023, 01:35:59 PM »
I do also have some Inga seedlings for sale. Im doing some inventory now as I finally have time to breathe from last seed drop. 

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: WTB Inga spectabilis seeds
« on: March 21, 2023, 12:59:08 PM »
I can do you one better. My Inga spectalabis from Oscar fruit lovers is fruiting now. Another month and I can send a fruit.

Hello, fellow fruit addicts, Thank you all for the support. I have part 2 ready of seeds to offer. Lots of interesting new Sapotaceae to offer from my amazing team in Brazil.

Annona sylvatica
Annona rugulosa
Butia paraguinenes
Bactris setosa
Adansonia Baoba
Chrysophyllum rufum
Eugenia herrigeriana
Eugenia luschnathiana Bahia Grande
Eugenia luschnathiana Bahia Mel
Eugenia zuccarini
Eugneia sellowiana
Meiogyne cylindrica
Nauleopsis glabra
Posoqueria latifolia
Pouteria elegans "Caramuri"
Pouteria gardneri "Sapotinha"
Pouteria guianensis
Pouteria laevigata
Pouteria venousa pessago (germianted)
Pouteria sp Abiu Amarella Doce Muido
Pouteria sp Abiu Casca vermelha
Pouteria sp Abiu Mirim Roxa Redondo
Pradosia sp Bahia DOce
Stelechocarpus burahol "Kepel"

Me too! I had to source those but couldn't pass them up. I am fully addicted to growing all the Duguetia. The more I research the more i am drawn into the rabbit hole. If you don't know Duguetia, TAKE THE RED PILL and save your pocketbook some heartache.  ;D ;D ;D
As a reminder on pricing, I have already inspected, cleaned, and soaked all the seeds. I reject more seeds for public sales then you would think.
I also send seeds with sphagnum peat moss and not in huge bags of vermiculite that can hide poor seed quality. For those that have purchased from me before, you understand that quality is very important to me and giving you the best possible chance to germinate these seeds is what I pride on building my business on.  Thanks for all the support!

Hello fruit addicts. I am still processing, cleaning, inspecting seeds from the latest expedition and collaboration with with my Brazilian team, we have some amazing new species to offer. My time is super limited so I only had time to process about 1/4 of the seeds and will be offering some amazing new categories including ethnobotanical medicines, hardwood species, palms etc... Here is a list of what I hoped to have ready but if its not up on the website yet, it will be soon. I have a huge selection of pouterias that will drop next week. Thank you for all the support and kind words.

Annona cacans
Annona hypoglauca
Annona coriacea yellow
Annona spinescens
Annona leptopelata
Annona sp Black Amazonas
Annona Salzmannii "Beach Sugar Apple"
Annona fosteri
Annona ubatubensis
Annona crassiflora "Dalva Branca"
Annona crassiflora "Dalva laranja"
Annona crassiflora "Pantanal"
Annona neoinsignis
Duguetia cauliflora
Duguetia trunciflora
Duguetia magnoliida
Duguetia marcgraviana "Pantanal Doce"
Duguetia morocandiana
Duguetia sp Bruno
Duguetia stelenchanta
Duguetiea echiniphora "escola"
Xylopia fructecens Embira vermelha
Xylopia aromatica
Jaboticaba branca
Jaboticaba branca mel
Jaboticaba branca vilella c16
Jaboticaba branca vinho
Jaboticaba escarlate
Myciaria cusidata "Cambui"
Eugenia sp chapada diamintina

Resupply of the $5 Pouteria macrophylla "Cutite" The banana laffy taffy pouteria. Big price reduction.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: 'Pecan Pie' Lucuma Scions
« on: March 03, 2023, 02:54:19 PM »
Save me

Most Eugenias only need one to fruit but I am not 100 percent sure about caipora. I do know that they flower in under 2 years in Hawaii conditions. 

We ate quite a few Eugenia caipora. Underripe had a slight bitterness around the skin and firm tart flesh. As they ripen it got juicier and the tartness became Mild with a black pepper type spice to it.  Not quite black pepper but a ďspiceĒ I canít quite put my finger on. 

34 is what got myself and I ended up getting into both my top Choices. Go Army, Beat Navy! and Roll Wave. Congrats Mangostein new seed list will drop soon. Feel free to take a look at my etsy seedling offerings. If there is anything you want let me know and I can ship tomorrow

Thank you, I appreciate the trust. Things are starting to sell out and people starting to get growing bug again not that the weather is warming. Lot's of seeds and seedlings available soon.

ADDED Atemoya "Doce Brazil"
ADDED Eugenia sp "El Choco Reserve"
ADDED Eugenia francavilleana
ADDED Eugenia punicifolia "Beach Cherry"
ADDED Eugenia caipora "Spicy Louquat"

Added Annona Sylvatica
Added Eugenia ternatifolia: H. Josue orchard
Added Psidium stiatulum: H. Josue orchard
Added Pouteria macrophylla "Lucuma"
Added Eugenia sellowiana Top tasting Eugenia

I've saved you the hassle of germination and coddling through the seedling stage. There are ready to be up potted to their next home.
Thanks for your support.

Last 2 left Annona spinescens
SOLD OUT Brosimum gaudichaudii
Duguetia lanceolata
Duguetia spixiana
2 Left Eugenia arenaria Pitangai Una from Helton Josue Orchard
Eugenia acutata
Eugenia angustissima
SOLD OUT Plinia inflata "Shawi"
SOLD OUT Annona Sylvatica
2 Left Eugenia ternatifolia: H. Josue orchard
Psidium stiatulum: H. Josue orchard
SOLD OUT Pouteria macrophylla "Lucuma"
Eugenia sellowiana Top tasting Eugenia

ADDED Atemoya "Doce Brazil"
Only 2 available total Eugenia sp "El Choco Reserve"
ADDED Eugenia francavilleana
ADDED Eugenia punicifolia "Beach Cherry"
ADDED Eugenia caipora "Spicy Louquat"

Use code "SPRINGTIME" for a 15% off coupon

Thank you thank you. Truly humbled by all the support given.  Many of the seeds are sold outÖ looks like Iíll need to make a Tikuna Colombia trip soon! Thank you all for given me a reason to go back.  Lots of fun things in the works and goodies to come.

Woops, They are up now. Still a one man operation haha.

Seed drop # 2 and Seedlings

New seeds and seedlings available:
Brosimim lactescens
Plinia inflata "Tikuna San Matin"
Pouteria sp Pitomba de Leite
Annona fosteri
Annona sp Amazonas Pera
Annona cuspidata

Seedlings ready for planting!
Duguetia spixiana "Tortuga Caspi"
Duguetia lanceolata "Pindaiba"
Annona spinescens "Araticum de Espinho

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Let's talk about theobroma
« on: February 07, 2023, 01:50:24 PM »
Theobromas have some of the most diverse flavors I have come across.  If they had known frost tolerance I would be push as a fruit, juice as well as Making chocolate.

The sweet and tart no funk Theobromas
Theobroma subincannum full flesh and sweet. My favorite. Called Cupui
Theobroma cacao small flesh to seed ratio but makes the best chocholate
Theobroma obovatum small hand sized fruit small seed medium flesh same flavor

The funky ones
Theobroma grandiflora Cupuasu unique flavor
Theobroma bicolor Macambo WildLandPlants loved this and likened the smell to durian.  My least favorite theobroma.  Haha
Theorbroma Sylvestre. Kind of a musty almost truffle smell and tastes creamy and like banana. My favorite of the funk and I am gonna try and grow this one out.  We only found one ripe fruit of this species.  The locals called it cupuasu aurana.

And then you have the Herranias too. Crispy and tart and then mucousy. But good.

Thanks.  I value the discussion on pricing and can understand hesitation in purchasing.
Tim,  I think I understand your complaintÖ. I did raise the price on pouteria ďtuturubaĒ here is why. That tree is in maranhao, Brazil. I sold out quickly of that seed and found a way to get the same exact tree seed, however I was in ColombiaÖ. I figured out a way and got 30 more ..
Form that exact tree that I have personally tasted.  I figured 5 more dollars a per seed was worth it for those that really want it now.  If you would have emailed me instead of posting on my sales then I would have told you that and probably sell it to you at a discount.  I will able to get more seeds in the future and the price will go down.
For the rest who shared words of encouragementÖ I appreciate you all. if you know me personally then you know that it really didnít bother me and just gave me another opportunity to share why I do things. 
The Tikuna are growing some pretty cool things now thanks to forum members.  palologrower hooked up some cool seeds that I got to share with them. Letís all be friends again. But letís shut down this thread.  Water under the bridge.

Fliptop, good point and I struggle with what information to put. Some of the dwarf cerrado species we found can grow into larger bushes and trees with optimal growing conditions. I've seen "dwarf" cerrado species grow quite large in ground at growers in Sao Paulo.
From my experience both Annona and Myrtaceae can be kept and fruited in pots. With proper growing medium and pruning, many trees will fruit in 5 to 25 gallon pots.
Duguetia except for stenantha have all been bush like which is why I am very excited about this family.

With many of these species have never been grown before, it's hard to tell how they will perform here. Almost every fruit tree in the Amazon was a huge tree, however the Amazon is 365 growing environment. Those trees that can survive our winter are sure to have much less growth.

The Pouteria family have all been trees. I am hoping to be able to prune and keep in pot but I am early in my experiments. Feel free to hit me up and ask questions.

Bush and Tru. So true my friends. Doesnít really bother me. I just continue to share my message. Thanks for the kind words and support. Working with some local explorers and have some really amazing stuff coming :) this year is going to go off for us fruit nerds.

Lol. I didnít raise any prices. It was a joke. However if you let me know your real name instead of hiding behind a screen name I will happily raise prices just for you. I also donít need seed sales to survive in a vacation. Itís my job and it pays for the food in my families mouth. This isnít a hobby for me.
But you clearly didnít read my response and here just to troll. Since I donít know who you are, your contributions to this community have been limited so I donít need to waste my time with further correspondence. You didnít ruffle my feathersÖ my friends and I have had a good chuckle at you ďcouch explorersĒ who need to comment on things they know nothing about.
I didnít raise any prices and only advertised here on TFF and for those that signed up on my website. Already more than half sold out of the seeds I am allocating for sales and havenít even posted on Facebook yet. Thanks for your business advice. I will let my quality and reputation speak for themselves. Have you actually ever bought anything from me?

Ok all prices raised 1 cent.   8) Please do! I love when people think itís an easy way to make money. It would make for a cool vacation if you like hiking 90 degrees and 100 percent humidity in the Amazon covered in deet wearing long sleeve shirts and pants 7 to 8 hours a day searching for fruit. Not to mention a foreign country where we need to hire a translator to talk to locals. I donít speak TikunaÖ. Do you? The places we camped had no running water or electricity. Still sound like fun? After a long days hike then come home and clean seeds for 2 hours in the dark! Fun vacation stuff! If this sounds like a vacation then we need more people like you and and Iíll even invite you on my next expedition! Oh and you need your yellow vaccine to travel where I go. Itís mandatory and make sure you have a malaria precaution plan.

Thank you for allowing to me to explain My pricing and why the price will only RISE with further seeds drops as the quality of my offerings gets better and better. I learn and change my seed storage procedure every new drop. Always trying to improve and the last couple seed drop have very high germination rates.

I hire local guides to take me into the jungle. Most of these fruit are not found at the market. If I found them at the market then they are priced accordingly.  I took two fruit experts last trip and they didnít spot  anything. ;) Iíll even happily give you all the gps locations I marked. You can go go back and get all the same fruits and seeds except you need to go at the same time next year as  Amazon fruits only stay in season for Around 3 weeks then itís a new fruit crop. . So all the fruit we found are probably no longer available. I went last year in May and got completely different fruit.  And all my Tikuna indigenous guides (make sure you tip them as much as I did because they are amazing people and deserve it). I donít try and get the cheapest possible seeds. I am trying to build a community of explorers to build value to the community. Maybe if we show locals that there is value in these trees as opposed to trying to get the seeds at the cheapest possible price and ďtakeĒ from the locals, then we can actually have something sustainable. if we want them to preserve nature then the people with money need to fund it instead of whining about 1 dollar more for a seed.

Also my seeds are 100 percent true because I collected, cleaned, inspected, and never left my sight. Not sure if any other seed provider in the USA can say that. Maybe you Shiloh and palologrower haha.  But if none of that is important to you then please buy seeds from someone else.  I am almost sold out of many species and almost all my customers are repeat customers ;)

Thanks! It's not as glamorous as it sounds as we are poor farmers and explorers but we make do. Hoping to share the passion and get more people to try and grow these fruit.

Seeds have arrived, cleaned and processed. Duguetia stenantha is STILL my favorite fruit! It also was the clear winner for all four of us on our last expedition. We also found out that the Huitito indigenous community is establishing a farm to cultivate this species. The Huitito told us they fruit between 5 to 7 years! The goal of most of my expeditions is to find Duguetia and this is the best tasting of them so far. The carpals without seeds are dense candy corn consistency with Melon, brown sugar and praline undertones. I could eat these all day.
I was able to source many and offering at a crazy good price $6 and looking for a farm to cultivate these.... any takers?

"PahWay" orange fruit... still don't have an ID.

Pourouma cecropiifolia Amazon grape, Amazon tree-grape

Pouteria sp Amazonas Lucuma
Pouteria sp Abiu Carambola

Pouteria sp Abiu Pera

Campomanesia lineatfolia "Pallilo"

Plinia clausa "Anihuayo"

Annona edulis

Annona mucosa "Biriba" Amazonas Giants

Onychopetalum periquino "Envira Caju" Preta
Onychopetalum periquino "Envira Caju" Vermelha

Theobroma subincannum "Cupui"
Theobroma obovatum This one is Wow!

I live in El Segundo and grow pretty much everything I have in containers. Most things can grow if you use the right grow medium and prune :)

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