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New Edition of California Citrus Production Manual from UC ANR


I just received this post from the CalRareFruit forum, and thought I'd pass it along to this forum:

UC ANR has released a new edition and is running a special on this very comprehensive look at citrus growing.

"The Citrus Production Manual is available and for the month of April the price is reduced from $75 to $60! This is the first citrus manual in more than 20 years to cover all the major topics of citrus production including planting, horticulture, pest management and post harvest issues. It is a wonderful resource for all citrus producers and pest managers.

To order a copy, go to the UC Ag and Natural Resources catalog and type in publication 3539 or the search term 'citrus production manual' or call 1-800-994-8849.

Better yet, if you buy both the Citrus Production Manual and the IPM for citrus manual (pub 3539Promo) the combined price is only $85 - a savings of $30!"

"Save 25% on this bundled package of Citrus Production Manual and IPM for Citrus. Essential tools for anyone involved in the citrus industry.

The University of California's Citrus Production Manual is the first comprehensive manual on citrus from the university's experts. Inside you'll find over 400 pages of research covering botany and physiology, how to establish an orchard, managing your orchard, pest management, and postharvest handling.

The 3rd Edition of IPM for Citrus will help you identify and manage for than 150 common citrus pests, disease and disorders -- including Asian citrus psyllid and citrus leaf miner.

Purchased separately, these two indispensable manuals retail for $115.00; you'll save 25% when purchasing them together in this bundled set.

Thanks Patty, I just ordered the two book combination special. - Millet

Patty, today I received the two University of California books - Citrus Production Manual (433 pages), and Integrated Pest Management for Citrus (270 pages).  I got a lot of reading to do.  Thank you for the tip, I appreciate you bring this to our attention. - Millet


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