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A few citrus in the backyard

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Mike T:
A stroll around the garden this afternoon reveals a bit of fruit development.

The valencias are large and hanging in bunches.

Emperor mandarins are developing.

The birdnet went on the honey murcott too early and some poked through.

Some bunches of hickson mandarins are hanging on the ground and will need to ne lifted.

The ever-bearing Tahitian pumps out fruit like a machine,

Nice fruit  8) and trees.

Mike your right about a Tahitian (Bearss) lime's production.  All a person needs is one tree for fruit year around.  My wife juices much of the fruit and freezes the juice in Ice cube trays, and stores the cubes in the freezer.  When she wants to make something, she takes out as many lime ice cubes as required.  All of your trees look to be doing well - Millet


Hickson is a killer variety, has it's own unique taste. At my patch they only varieties I have planted out are hickson and satsuma.

sugar land dave:
Great pictures and fruit!  Thanks for the post!


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