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My preferred grafting pocket knife


I am grafting several years now, and I have tried tons of grafting tools, and my preferred tool, well above the others, is this:

It has the advantages of a cutter and a pocket knife, always sharp and cheap, thinner blade than a knife, better for a flat cut.
The blade is longer and harder than a cutter blade but as sharp as it.
Does anybody use it?

No, but what I did use, before I got my hands on a straight blade budding knife, was a utility knife. And I can say, it did the job quite well, too. ;)


Of course! Many knives on the hands of a good grafter like you ;) can do a good job, but after a few grafts, anybody knows how important is a very sharp knife, I would say that it is the key for a good graft.

Kamphaus is my favorite, it is no longer being made. I started grafting in 1967 and used a Buck pocket knife for years, then bought a Tina that I  really wore out that was gave to my youngest grandson. For good quality inexpensive grafting knives can be ordered for gourmet seed company. They have an inexpensive knife for about 10 dollars and a very good one for about $25.00, these are made in Italy from very good metal.


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