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Anyone growing cara cara (or other delicious orange) in South Florida?

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Just about giving up on the pink lemon that I pulled from the ground and potted. Thinking of putting an orange in its place, just not sure what grows best down here (eating over juicing).

sugar land dave:
Cara Cara is a nice orange.  A Satsuma mandarin isn't an orange, but tastes great.

PS:  Sorry I am in Texas, not Florida!

i think King mandarin is a good choice for FL

Most citrus can be a pain in the a$$ to grow in South Florida.   It requires a lot of care for the results.  There are some oranges, tangerines and grapefruit that will do ok here but the quality will only be really rewarding if we get the needed chill hours to sweeten the flavors and bring the quality to where it should be.  For just one, I would recommend a Red Lime.  It has many qualities,  its a dwarf tree, very tasty juice, edible skin without the pith, and an overall very versatile fruit.

Is Red Lime the same as rangpur lime? 


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