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Costco Dekopon Sumo Citrus Marketing Fail

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Stopped by my local costco and they had sumo citrus fruit on sale. No one was buying them and they were all shriveled up. Bought a few boxes cause they were on sale and suprisingly they were not bad. Too bad that the general public didn't really like the appeal of this fruit. Wonder why everyone sticks to those navels and tangerines from the store that are always dried out. ???

Yeah they look pretty unattractive on the outside.  Pretty tasty though, but not worth the price to me.

Meanwhile, the minneola tangelos available in stores roght now are amazing, some of the best citrus I've ever had

I like Dekopons/Sumos. They are one of my favorite sweet citruses but are too expensive for eating everyday. Because of their size, they are about $3.00 per fruit at the only grocery store in my area which has them.

I have never tasted a good Minneola tangelo. Every single one I have ever bought has been a bland waste of money. Of course, because I plant just about all the citrus seeds I get, I have half a dozen small plants that could potentially produce bland fruit for me in a few years.

I would say maybe 1 in 8-10 batches of minneolas I buy at the store are good, the rest are squishy.  Even the ones I am currently growing have been squishy, I am not sure why. 

But the good ones are incredible, and make it worth it for me to keep buying and growing hoping for a good batch. 

Reading Brian's post from yesterday, I went to the supermarket this morning and purchases some tangelos. 


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